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Green Succulent Plant

Available Services

Interior Plant Design and Installation

With nearly 40 years of design experience in the horticulture world, we have no doubt that we can make any space flourish.

Sales of Individual Tropical Plants and Containers

Finding the perfect addition to your living space is important.

If you can't find what you're looking for in our catalog, give us a name and we'll source it.

Wide Variety of Designer Containers

Choosing a home for your plant can sometimes be as difficult as choosing one for yourself.

With a wide variety of designer containers, we are confident in finding a compliment.

Outdoor Container Gardens

We think inside the box. Specializing in award-winning container gardening, we are confident in providing a truly unique addition to your indoor or outdoor space.

Flowering Rotational Programs

We offer routine replacements on installations. Have guests wonder how the same orchid has looked perfect for years.

Holiday and Seasonal Displays

Whether it's Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas morning,

let us provide a welcoming arrangement tailored to the holidays.

One-Time Plant Doctor Services

Whether it's too much sun or not enough water, we offer a variety of one-time services to ensure the longevity of your plants. Click here to see our full list of one time services.

Routine Maintenance with Guarantee

In addition to replacements,

we offer maintenance services to ensure the quality and health of your plants.

Weekly Fresh Flower Arrangements 

Stop worrying about watering altogether. With weekly flower arrangements, you can enjoy rotating greenery year-round.

One-Time Services

One-Time Services

If your plant is falling over, the floor is sticky under your plant, or if your plants just have grown too wild—we can help!

Plant Parenting offers their forty-plus years of experience to correct any problem you may have. Over the years, we have developed several tricks, such as ‘invisible staking' that you'll not find elsewhere.


Does your Ficus need a hair cut? We can get any plant ready for picture day.


While we are uncertain that cloning is legal, we can make any favorite plant into several favorite plants.


Find a new addition to any space in our catalog. Can't find what you are looking for?

Give us a name and we'll do the rest.


Has your plant outgrown it's home? We can assist in providing it a new one.


Yes, plants need baths too.

We offer cleaning services that will restore a healthy shine to

any plant.

Local Moving

Moving and can't bare to let a plant go? We understand.

From packing to moving, we ensure safe passage through the Chicagoland area.

Eco-Friendly Insect Control

Allow us to get rid of pests and protect your pets.

In-person or Vitual

Design Consultation

No more second or third opinions. We aim to be the last.

Preparation for long moves by third party

Already scheduled a move,

but unsure how to pack your plants? We've got you covered.

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