My Roots

It is winter. In the garden there are pumpkin seeds scattered by squirrels now exposed from a receding blanket of snow. I left a few of these gourds for the animals to fatten themselves before food becomes scarce and life hard. The seeds remind me of another season eating watermelon with my kid brother on the front porch where our mother preferred snacking that a garden hose made for simple clean up. As kids, we willingly challenged each other as to how far we could spit our seeds. (Today, across America, grown kids enter contests for this). What fascinated that 10-year-old boy were the few plants that took root and grew themselves into watermelons. My father cautiously mowed around the sprawling vines to encourage our experiment. At an early age, I had horticulture in me.

At home, I plant vegetables—homegrown fresh and tasty and healthy; but for my clients I plant heart and mind healthy flowers. For me, the creative process is fulfilling; for our clients, it’s the living arrangement that they enjoy. Flowers relieve stress; and we can all agree that less stress is healthy. I really do believe that a single blossom has an immense power; and I also believe in the power of art—the art in arranging living plants.

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