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Client Testimonials
We are proud to share portions of letters our clients have sent us. These letters show our commitment to quality, service and reliability.
David Saxner & Associates, Inc
“I realize that we have been using your service for 15 years, and we want to compliment you on a job well done. It's great to have a relationship with any service provider for that long, and the fact that you are still doing our plants means that you have been effective, honest and creative. We appreciate your efforts.
Being in the service business myself, and specializing in long-term relations, I realize that aside from the fees it can be a thankless business. So in that spirit I wanted you to know that we have appreciated your work, time and dedication. We love the special touches you provide, your replacement policy, and the fact that you always have our best interest in mind.”
David Saxner
RiverView Condominiums At River East
“I just want to inform you on how pleased we are with the service that you provide us at RiverView Condominium Association in providing us with our weekly floral arrangements in the both lobbies and the weekly maintenance on the rental plants.

…At my previous location we used another contractor and we always had to call them and tell them when to replace plants and/or flowers. It is such a pleasure to have someone so conscious of their work that they come into you and say I really don't think the plants are looking good, I am going to replace them.

I look forward to many more years of working together.”
S. Goetz, Property Manager 
University Of Illinois At Chicago Project Oasis
“Using your service makes it so much easier to enhance our spaces with live plants. Working with XXX, I spent too much time checking on whether our plants were being cared for and whether we were being billed correctly. With Plant Parenting, I don't have to worry about anything. I am confident that, in addition to our plants being watered, they are cared for by someone who is professional and passionate about his work. You have gone above and beyond for us on numerous occasions, thinking of things we did not think of ourselves.
We are incredibly pleased we switched to your service for our plants on campus. I would recommend Plant Parenting to anyone, without hesitation.”
H. Crawford, Project Coordinator 
East 100 Huron Condominium Association
“I thought I would share with you how happy the Association has been with your plant maintenance service. The Plants have looked wonderful since you took over the account! We should have switched plant maintenance companies a long time ago.
Thanks for keeping the Association's common areas lovely and making Management's job a little easier. Keep up the good work."
C. Lewandowski, Property Manager 
 Another Satisfied Client
I have known Howard Nemeroff for over 10 years. He maintains my indoor plants but more importantly, he is responsible for all 20 of my outdoor pots! Every season I look forward to what ideas Howard has and each and every time, he creates an elegant/sophisticated look which is unlike what you typically see from all the local landscape companies.

His impeccable work gives me joy all year round, truly. Howard is one of the kindest, most generous and professional people I have the honor to work with. To say he comes highly recommended is an understatement. Howard is a ROCK STAR!!
Carol B.